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MS. MARIAM JONES-SPROTT (Executive Director)


Mariam Jones – Sprott has been an educator for the past 19 years. She is an honours degree graduate in the field of education from the University of the West Indies and holds several other qualifications in education including a Teaching Diploma. Her unprecedented track record for moulding young impressionable minds towards achieving significant success is highly commendable. Understanding how individual students learn and catering for their learning styles is evident in her educational philosophy, psychology, and pedagogical practice.


Her passion is to help transform the education system into one that allows no child to fall through the proverbial cracks. She has heard the cries of many parents and dealt with the frustration of many students within the education system. This has led her along with a highly qualified team to develop ‘GRAPES’- ‘The World’s First Full-Service Education Program’.‘El Toro Team’ as they call themselves championed by Ms Sprott is the team who created the concept of a six-step model (‘GRAPES’) that would take any child from nursery to tertiary or “diapers to degrees”. Before the concept was launched a test trial was conducted on Saturday 8th October 2011, at Centre Pointe Mall Chaguanas.


The then Mayor, His Worship Orlando Naggessar gave the opening remarks on education before the concept backed by qualitative and quantitative research was executed. Participants included the principals of schools in the Central area, the president of the P.T.A for Central, former Chief Education Officer, Peter O’Neil and over two hundred parents. The event was covered by CNMG television and broadcasted that night to viewers throughout Trinidad and Tobago during their seven o’clock news coverage.


After engaging the participants in several interactive sessions the program was rated a 9.5 out of ten. Ms Sprott said that “the program didn’t get a full ten because two participants indicated that the sessions were too long and that the air conditioning system was too cold”. Nevertheless ‘El Toro Team’ achieved their mission to prove the feasibility of the concept and its effectiveness backed by several other testimonies subsequently.


Ms Sprott is also adamant that education transformation incorporating the use of technology is vital for this generation of learners who have been born “pre-wired”. Thus, ‘GRAPES’ and its technology platform has proven to be a timely intervention for education system transformation.




MR. KERON A. LESPIERRE (Chief Executive Officer)




Keron LesPierre brings over seven years of marketing experience to the ‘GRAPES’ team. He is the holder of a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Anglia Ruskin University, and a diploma in Business Management from the George Washington University. He also holds a European Diploma in personal development and accounting.


Mr LesPierre was instrumental in providing marketing communications for several charitable groups including a local non-profit organisation named HAIT&T. He also assisted the group in raising one hundred and eighty-six thousand dollars ($186,000TT), in one night,  to purchase land in Haiti to rebuild the orphanage. Mr Erick Feely one of the key members of the non-profit organisation has repeatedly thanked Mr LesPierre for his contribution.
Mr LesPierre was responsible for the re-branding and re-positioning of Amery Rauseo and Associates Limited (ARAL). They were at the time, the largest and most profitable agency in ‘ALGICO’ (now Pan-American Life).  Their new Emerald colour scheme and logo design were created and conceptualised by Mr LesPierre. He has spearheaded several meetings and collaborations on behalf of ARAL with the executive management of well-established institutions like Home Mortgage Bank, New India Assurance, Bank of Baroda and much more.


He created an innovative homeownership and mortgage program for ARAL who then went on to be the leader in mortgages for their new parent company Sagicor. He was recognised for the Change and Innovation that he brought to the Amery Rauseo and Associates Company by their Chairman Amery Rauseo and his employees. While working with ARAL he created a successful pilot project titled the “Professional Association of Universal Skills and Education” (‘PAUSE’). He negotiated the collaborations with the Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C), Y.T.E.P.P and many other institutions to provide employment opportunities for students and graduates.


Mr LesPierre is a firm believer in the need for continuous communication and creative collaboration. His role as Chief Executive Officer at ‘GRAPES’ is to ensure that the organisation’s quality of performance is consistent at all times, and at every touch point with consumers. Mr LesPierre in his own words indicated that he “Loves ‘GRAPES’ more than any woman”.




MS. CARLENE HAYES (Head Educational Consultant for South and Central Trinidad & Tobago)

Carlene Hayes


Carlene Hayes formerly Carlene Hayes-Simmons has worked in the Ministry of Education for the past 23 years as a teacher, BG Science bus facilitator, Head of Department, Curriculum Writer, and Principal. She has a Bachelor in Education Degree in Primary Science Teaching (Upper Second Class Honours) and a Master of Education Degree with concentration in Science Education, both from the University of the West Indies.


Carlene holds several other qualifications including certificates in Broadcasting and Public Speaking Skills.  She has always held the belief that all children have the inherent ability to learn, and this has been her motto throughout her teaching career.


Carlene has an unprecedented track record of helping her students achieve success. She has been able to apply all her gained knowledge into the classroom setting, thereby making it conducive to learning. She understands fully how students learn based on their multiple intelligences and how to teach differentiated learners in the classroom. Carlene has stimulated and motivated her students to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills that can be applied beyond the classroom.


She is very passionate about teaching and this is evident in her students’ achievement levels. Her teaching style has always made her a favorite, developing and executing special reading programmes for students with reading problems. Carlene has contributed significantly to the education system in her teaching career. She has written three books: “Learning Basic Computer Skills”, “Primary Science Workbook Infant One and Infant Two”.  These books have helped students develop computer and science skills through its related activities.




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