‘GRAPES’ Testimonials





Dozens of parents purchase online subscriptions from Grapes for a Good Life Ltd monthly, and 98.9 percent of them rate the experience, the results, and the Six-Step model a 4.9 out of 5.


The following testimonies are from parents and students who’ve used ‘GRAPES’:-



grapes testimony

My precious Grapes.
I am the parent of Shaquille Josh Benjamin and I would like you know that Grapes have been an inspiration in his academic school life Also helping him to focus on what he wants to become in the near future. Keep up the good work Grapes because our youths of today need you guys. Bless.






Koroma's Testimony




MARISSA BRADSHAW (Form 3 student)


Marissa is being awarded a Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 from Mariam Jones-Sprott, to help with her studies.


Marissa’s testimony:


“I will like to thank firstly, God, for giving Mrs. Sprott the general manager of the ‘GRAPES For Life’ programme the inspiration to start such a successful and beneficial programme. I will also like to thank my grandmother and aunt for enrolling me in this programme. My mathematics report at school has improved significantly (moving from an “E” to a “B”) and I know it was because of the reinforcement of this (‘GRAPES’) programme.”


“The programme is flexible, convenient and also very affordable. It really helps the child understand the mathematical and English aspects of the curriculum. I have never experienced a programme like this before. I really hope more parents enroll their children in this programme (‘GRAPES’) for it will benefit their children tremendously.”


“Words cannot express how thankful I am and I know this programme will go on to do great things in other people’s lives. I know my work is far from over but I have made so much progress in just four months so why should I stop now?”



Cheryl-Ann Williams (Parent) with her son Nicholas Neptune (Standard two student) 


An ‘excited’ Nicholas was also rewarded with a Samsung Galaxy TAB4 to assist with his studies


Ms. Williams’s Testimony:-


“The ‘GRAPES’ programme has boosted his confidence. Nicholas has been striving for excellence. His school work has significantly improved. Nicholas’s grades are now extremely important, as the ‘IXL’ (online tutoring tool and a component of ‘GRAPES’) programme gives him rewards and he is very motivated to succeed.”





Pauline Forde-Scipio (parent) and her son Kibwe Scipio (form 2 student)


Kibwe was awarded a Nigel R. Khan book voucher as part of his motivational incentive


Mrs. Forde-Scipio’s testimony:-


“In January 2015, I enrolled my son Kibwe Scipio in the Grapes for a good life program. This was because the family was concerned about his academic performance. His course work grades were low, as he was not writing at his level, and as such was not doing assignments especially written ones.”


“Over the last few months, we have noticed improvements in his commitment to his course work at school. The daily IXL programme a component of Grapes has enabled him to develop the discipline required to complete his homework.And he is also improving in his maths and language skills”


“This is a good program which will I will definitely recommend to my family, friends and associates.”


Pauline Forde-Scipio F.C.C.A, C.A

Manager Regulatory Reporting (COE) RBC Royal Bank T&T





Mrs. Forde-Scipio enrolled her daughter after having first enrolled her son. She provided another testimony.


Mrs. Forde-Scipio’s second testimony:-


“In January 2015, I enrolled my sixteen-year-old daughter Adana Scipio in the Grapes for a good life program. Adana is performing well academically at school and would be writing the CSEC examinations this year.”


“She has really benefited from the personality assessment of the “Grapes for a good life” program. Through this assessment, she was exposed to a wide range of professions which would be suitable for her personality. She really identified with those suggestions and has chosen a first and 2nd best career choice, and the road map to achieving same. Based on her career choice she realised that the A level program can be eliminated and would be advancing directing to her degree program.”


“This is a good program which will I will definitely continue to recommend to my family, friends and associates”.


Pauline Forde-Scipio F.C.C.A, C.A

Manager Regulatory Reporting (COE) RBC Royal Bank T&T

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