Virtual S.E.A Classroom & Online Tutoring

Virtual S.E.A Classroom



Enhancing The Quality of Education

Introducing the new ‘Virtual S.E.A Classroom’ for students preparing for S.E.A. Students will receive expert one-on-one pedagogical scaffolding and/or differentiated tutoring to meet their individual needs, in an exciting virtual classroom setting that enhances the learning experience while stimulating a passion for learning.


The classrooms are accessible via Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Smart-Phones (with frontal cameras) using Microsoft’s  education platform. Online classes are  flexible and provide four hours of intense online, interactive sessions EACH month. Online tutoring sessions cost $350.00TTD for the first month, $400.00TTD thereafter, and must be paid for at least one week in advance to reserve your students’ “seat”. Headsets and Laptops can be ordered from ‘GRAPES’ or purchased separately.


Our online tutoring service also provides students with unlimited online access to Mathematics and English Language Arts modules (compulsory education). However, Science, Technology,and Engineering modules are optional.


Our core philosophy is that, given the proper environment and resources, every child is capable of learning. On this steadfast foundation, we have built the ultimate focused learning environment—free of distractions and packed with meaningful challenges: a place where every moment is spent really learning.

The online platform is an environment where guessing is not an option, and success is earned through hard work and genuine understanding of each concept. To facilitate this deeper level of learning, every skill on the online platform has been designed to engage students’ minds. We approach topics from multiple angles, offer visual representations, provide a host of interactive activities, and more. By the time students have mastered a skill, their understanding of that topic is solid. And that’s the greatest motivator for all students: knowing that when their study time is finished, they really “get it.”

While we provide a serious and focused environment to learn, it’s also a fun place to be. From the vibrant images that permeate program’s skills, to the enticing awards and certificates that are hidden throughout the site, students cannot wait to jump into learning—and you’ll have trouble tearing them away.

Best of all, thanks to tracking tools, our educational consultants will never miss a second of your students’ exciting learning journey. We can give you information that matters—exactly which questions your students missed, where students’ trouble spots lie, how they are progressing over time, and how much knowledge they have genuinely understood and retained.


Our Educational Consultants will guide students according to the national school curriculum as outlined by the Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago. However, our aim is to ensure that our students are performing at international standards and are well equipped for the global environment.





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