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Who We Are
Elder Associates Limited is a private and confidential service organization that provides a full spectrum of psychological services to individuals, families and organizations. Our mission is to enhance the professional delivery of psychological services in a culturally diverse environment. Special focus is placed on the needs of families in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.  The Council on Accreditation has accredited Elder Associates Limited for meeting the highest standards of professional performance as an EAP Service Provider.


Services Offered
Counselling Services

Individuals, couples and families may access counselling services to enhance their emotional well-being. Counselling services are ideal for families that recently experienced loss, trauma or unexpected changes.  Parents can also benefit from family counselling when they have questions about how to approach the emotional or behavioural challenges faced by children.


Psychodiagnostic Services

Culturally relevant testing services are provided; including psychological evaluations, psycho-educational evaluations and pre/post employment psychological screening.  Psycho-educational evaluations are useful for children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulty learning or meeting academic standards. Adults who have had academic challenges also find psycho-educational testing to be helpful when setting career or educational goals.


Confidentiality is highly valued at Elder Associates Limited. It is one of our Core Values. We respect our clients’ right to privacy at all times.

At Elder Associates Limited (EAL) we are very careful to ensure confidentiality of all client and staff personal information. All staff, employees and affiliates employed by EAL are required to treat all client information with the utmost confidentiality. All employees and affiliates are expected to abide by this policy.

The principle of this procedure is to ensure that the safety of those in contact with EAL is maintained and that their rights are protected. EAL is committed to maintaining high standards of confidentiality in all aspects of its work.


Access to Services
Elder Associates Limited can be reached 24-hours per day at our access number: (868) 622-6594

If you mention that you learned about our services on the GRAPES website, you will be offered your initial assessment free of charge.


Resources for Parents
Coping with Trauma, Loss and Change
National Childhood Traumatic Stress Network

Tips for Parenting
American Psychological Association Parent Resource Page:






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The Association’s beautiful architectural building is ideally located on 89 Queen Street, Port of Spain, (Corners Queen and Chacon Streets) in the heart of the city Port of Spain, Trinidad.

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