Who We Are



GRAPES Education is a specialist education consultancy that is geared towards enhancing the performance of the National Development Strategy (NDS) that will lay the pathway for Trinidad and Tobago to attain socio-economic prosperity (for everyone) and developed country status by 2030.

GRAPES Education utilizes an innovative and proprietary six-step model that integrates the NDS and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address four of the country’s major challenges, namely;

  • Better quality and access to education and training.
  • Human Capital development.
  • National Information Communications Technology (NICT) infrastructural development.
  • Inclusive Governance/ Participation.


Everything that we do is centred on promoting Education System Transformation and positioning good quality education as the most powerful weapon we can use to attain socio-economic prosperity for ALL.


Our partners and contributors towards attaining socio-economic prosperity and developed country status are:


  • Elder Associates Ltd
  • Nigel Bradshaw (Recruiting officer at the Registrar’s office of the University of the West Indies (UWI)
  • Andre Howard (Vice principal Holy Cross College/ E-tutor UWI Open Campus)
  • Vashti Ramnarine (Advisor and former school education curriculum officer)
  • Beverly Paris (Advisor/ Business Development)

Suppliers of the Subscription Shares accounts (Optional)

  • Trinidad Building and Loan Association

Facilitating Childhood development through Technology

  • Blink/Bmobile

Scholarships, Financial Aid, student Visa applications and general guidance for studying in the U.S

  • EducationUSA ( The Embassy of the United States of America)

Suppliers/ Consultants for Laptops and other devices

  • Microsoft Trinidad & Tobago
  • PC Clinic Ltd
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